The first of its kind – is a community-based website geared specifically toward producers with large commercial farming operations. It’s a place for anyone involved in production agriculture or large-scale operations to read articles relevant to their fields, learn about and discuss topics in our forum, interact with and learn from our social community of other Big Ag farmers as well as search for equipment – all on one site!

Fastline Media Group launched the Big Ag catalog in 2011. This specialized catalog is delivered only to large-acre producers and features larger equipment and products necessary to run commercial operations. Readers love their Big Ag, but they want more. In response, Fastline developed The Big Ag print catalog and online community strive toward the same goal of providing large-acre farmers the information they need to optimize their operation.

The term Big Ag means different things to different people. We aim to gather information from the best in the industry. We are proud of our Big Ag producers and the work they do to feed and fuel America and the world. We hope that provides information and a platform to help strengthen the Big Ag community.