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“Decades ago, my granddad used the rule of thumb that a good bull is worth about five weaned calves, or about three finished steers,” says Donnell Brown R.A. Brown Ranch of  at Throckmorton, Texas. “Our family has used that rule of thumb ever since. It continued to hold up well in a commodity market, but may need to change as there are more value-added opportunities for our customers.”

As commercial producers continue to face the rising costs of bulls, Beef Magazine shares its tips for managing bull costs. 

More bang for the buck:  To help pay for the cost of bulls buyers should include leasing by the breeding season and increase the number of breeding prospects per cow.  This is a way to get more from their bull investment.

Reducing Risk:  Producers depend on their suppliers to use high-accuracy bulls to build their commercial offering.  Or, they know that their providers will make it clear if a bull is sired by a young prospect with lower accuracy. 

Adding Value:  Value added programs like calf-specific programs, offers producers a way to benchmark the genetic merit of their herds.

Maternal Considerations: Creating reliable females has been a consideration for Ohlde Cattle Co. of Parmer, Kansas. They offer a variety of breeds including Angus, Angus II, Fleckvieh-Angus, Red Angus and Shorthorn and focus on building bulls that create reliable females.  Ohlde Cattle Co. helps their client’s market cattle, whether it’s buying customer calves; market cull cows, or structure customers’ marketing plans.

“We don’t need to sell more bulls for more money, we just need to help our customers get a premium for their heifers,” Ohlde explains. “We like to get our customers to use maternal bulls for the first, second and third calves.

Whether it’s leasing bulls; using high accuracy bulls, offering a variety of breeds that create a reliable female, these are just a few helpful tips to manage bull costs and get more out of your investment.

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