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The Right to Repair legislation began when a small advocacy group in Nebraska published an op-ed known as the “Fair Repair” bill.  The movement questions the ability of manufacturers to keep copyrighted software and other technical information and products in the hands of only an authorized dealer network.  This leaves farmers and ranchers at a crossroads when something technically goes wrong with their equipment.  Farmers like to maintain their own equipment but the increasing complexity of farm tools can make that a challenge. 

On February 1, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) and the Equipment Dealers Association (EDA) joined together to announce their commitment to providing comprehensive service information tools to end users of farm equipment beginning with tractors and combines in model year 2021.  Together they delivered a statement of principles to provide the tools farmers and ranchers need to reduce downtime and increase the productivity of farm equipment.

In the statement of principles, manufacturers, through authorized agricultural dealers, are committed to providing access to:

·         Manuals (Operator, Parts, Service)

·         Product Guides

·         Product Service Demonstrations, Training, Seminars, or Clinics

·         Fleet Management Information

·         On-Board Diagnostics vis diagnostics port or wireless interface

·         Electronic Field Diagnostic Service Tools, and training on how to use them

·         Other publications with information on service, parts, operation, and safety

This commitment to providing maintenance, diagnostic and repair tools is a reaffirmation of the importance of seeking commonsense solutions to meet users’ needs.  The industry is eager to continue working with end users to provide the most innovative and high-quality equipment to meet the needs of modern production agriculture. To learn more information about AEM and EDA’s commitment to customers visit:





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