Illinois FR oats

Field Photo Caption: Oats and Radishes flown into standing soybeans Sept. 7th. Beans harvested Sept. 27th.

Name: Benjamin W. 

Location (City, State): Sibley, IL

How many acres are you farming?: 501-750 

Crops/Animals raised: Corn and Soybeans 

What is the current weather and how has the weather been? Please share as many details as possible.: In East Central IL we were very dry through September.  On Oct. 6th we received about .6" of rain with some scattered showers expected to continue today.  This rain was much needed for our early broadcasted cover crops.

In a detailed description: What is the current status of crops/livestock? (i.e. plant/harvest/finishing): A lot of acres have been harvested, but there are a lot more to go.  We started harvesting soybeans on Sept. 27 and continued through Oct. 5.  Our corn has been retaining moisture around 20% and soybeans were getting down into the low 10's although low areas in fields still had green beans and tough stems.  So far yield reports have been outstanding in corn due to large kernel depth making up a big portion of above average yield.  Soybean yields also seem to be above average as well.

What is your outlook for the upcoming weeks?: I expect the rain to soak in quickly and put us back in the field within a day or two.  Hopefully, bean moisture will be more adequate and stems will have dried down to make finishing bean harvest easier.  I imagine yield in corn may come down as we get to the later planted fields that were delayed because of cold and wet conditions in May.  While corn is wet and yields are high it may still be a long harvest.  

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