Field report LA SpringName: Jack V.

Location (City, State): Tallulah, LA 

How many acres are you farming?: 2501-5000 

Crops/Animals raised: Soybeans 

What is the current weather and how has the weather been? Please share as many details as possible.: Flooded, crops are in bad shape with a lot of water standing on them. We will have a tremendous amount of injury and forecast for rain thru Monday June 5.  This weather is from South Louisiana up into mid Arkansas.

In a detailed description - what is the current status of crops/livestock? (i.e. plant/harvest/finishing): 70% planted soybeans, 100% planted corn but with a lot of damage 90% planted cotton some good, some bad 75% planted rice with tremendous amount of damage and much of it destroyed.

What is your outlook for the upcoming weeks?: Rain next 4 days Any advice for anyone else in your area dealing with similar conditions?: Weather is something that a farmer has to deal with every year nothing new, some will make some won't.

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