ron andews

Photo Credit- Ronnie A. "Corn underwater!"

Name: Ronnie A.

Location (City, State): Hurlock, Maryland

How many acres are you farming?: 2501-5000 

Crops/Animals raised: Corn, Soybeans, Wheat 

What is the current weather and how has the weather been? Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain sums up last two weeks for us had anywhere from 10-12 inches. This week is not much better looking for drying fields.

What is the current status of crops/livestock? Corn is looking worst every day, running out of fertilizer with all the rain. Lots of replanting in corn and beans but still to wet to think about doing at least next week now.

What is your outlook for the upcoming weeks?: Have some dry weather for couple weeks so get replanted and side-dress corn.

Any advice for anyone else in your area dealing with similar conditions?: Hang in there it will turn around so we can get this work done. Good luck!

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