soybean production

Name: S. Pixley

Location: Tecumseh, Michigan

How many acres are you farming?: 1001-2500 

Crops/Animals raised: Corn, wheat, and soybeans.

What is the current weather and how has the weather been? Wet, wet, wet, selling ducks next week instead of corn.  Soybeans were about 20 bushels off our average due to 8 weeks of no rain and 90 plus degrees weather.  Corn, on the other hand, ranges from 0 to 250 in the same field within 100 feet of row.  Now that is overproduction and surplus in my government's eye.  LOL  I would say corn is 50 - to 100 bushels off the average with 700 acres already done depending on the field.  Oh, it can't be USDA says it's a bumper crop, right?

What is the current status of crops/livestock? (i.e. plant/harvest/finishing): About 50 % done on corn. 

What is your outlook for the upcoming weeks?: Snorkeling and fishing. 

Any advice for anyone else in your area dealing with similar conditions?: Go on vacation.

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