field report ohio

Name: R.B. Morris

Location (City, State): Coal Run, Ohio

Crops/Animals raised: Soybeans and corn

What is the current status of your crops? Finished planting corn and soybeans this week.  In the cornfield, we had a JD 4000 on a 10 ft. disk which normally pull 14 ft. disk. On bean ground, we had a MF 1155 on 14 ft disk, which normally pulls an 18 ft disk. Fields were wet 3 inches down. On our sand fields, corn is up, beans are up looking good. All fields crops looking good. We farm ground of sand to red clay and yellow clay and everything in between.

What is your outlook for the upcoming weeks?:  Rain shower till Monday.

Any advice for anyone else in your area dealing with similar conditions? Some are switching from corn to beans.

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