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Tips for crisis communications planning

22 February 2019

Is a Fungicide Application Cost Effective to your Operation?

31 January 2018

For some time, using aerial application of fungicide was the go-to method for many growers and producers. With the way that the times an...

Stop Negotiating Your Rents by the Acre

15 January 2018

Pick up any farming magazine right now, and you’ll probably find several articles discussing how land rents need to drop in response to l...

Creating a Strategic Plan for Your Operation

2 January 2018

For many, creating a strategic plan for your operation seems daunting or unnecessary. Not to mention the potential cost of hiring a profe...

Is Your Farm Lease on Paper?

27 September 2017

With the changing economy, many farmers today are turning towards farm leasing rather than buying the land. Gone are the old days when a ...

Young Ag Lender Sees Challenges and Opportunities

17 August 2017

The average farmer in the U.S. is 58 years old, a number that’s slowly moved higher in recent years and that represents a major shift in ...

Relations with Mexico- The Potential Effect on Corn Trade Relations and Our Farmers

26 May 2017

With formal trade talks still months away, Mexican and U.S. legislators are turning to what has been dubbed the “tortilla wars” as a batt...

Hog Prices Plummet to a 10 Year Low

15 December 2016

10 years ago in the fall of 2006, agricultural commodity prices were heading upward in what’s known as a boom/moderation price cycle. As ...

What is Your Farm Operation's Net Worth?

30 November 2016

It’s important to know where your operation’s net worth stands. By finding out the net worth, you’re getting a view of your financial st...

Rent or Own? Five Factors to Consider when Expanding Your Farming Operation

8 November 2016

If you’re looking to expand your acreage for increased profitability, one of the first things you’ll need to decide on is whether you wil...

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