Discovery of New Corn Mutation and the Implications on Yield

28 November 2017

A recent discovery in a corn hybrid mutation could potentially provide a 50% increase in yield – that is if it can be translated into com...

Seven Factors to Consider for Your Planned Grain Storage Expansion

13 November 2017

Taking on grain storage expansion project can be challenging. Careful planning and consideration are required to ensure that your expans...

Boron on the Farm

20 October 2017

More growers these days are turning to using boron for growth and development of their crops. Boron is an essential plant micronutrient ...

Crop Diversification: Pros & Cons

22 August 2017

Are you thinking of diversifying your crops this year? Here are the pros and cons of diversification in crops..

Factors to Consider before Baling or Burning Wheat Residue

1 August 2017

When wheat harvest finishes up, baling or burning the wheat stubble has been the go-to way for producers to care for their land. Burning...

There's a Fungus Among Us

3 May 2017

As if growers haven’t been dealt enough already with mass supplies and low prices of corn, a fungus that causes vomitoxin has been detect...

Crop Rotation: Are You Doing It Right?

14 April 2017

Growers have known the value of crop rotation for centuries; in fact, the Greeks used these methods to boost production as early as the f...

Crop Outlook for 2017

25 January 2017

On January 12, the USDA released the final standings for 2016 in their Crop Production Annual Summary report. All of the crops outperform...

Palmer Amaranth: The #1 Weed to Watch out for in 2017

12 January 2017

Palmer Amaranth is proving to be the weed to beware of this year on farm operations. This super weed which began to rear its ugly head i...

Stopping Wheat Scab Disease in its Tracks

10 November 2016

Scientists at Washington State University and Kansas State University have cloned a gene that would support resistance to Fusarium head b...

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