Cover Crops- Fad or Here to Stay?

5 October 2018

The cover crop has played a fundamental role in farming operations around the world for thousands of years. In the grand scope of things,...

Rethink Weed Control: Overcoming Herbicide Resistance

19 July 2018

The growth of unwelcome weeds is an issue that has plagued humankind since the dawn of agriculture. Over time, farmers have responded wit...

The Benefits of Multiple Nitrogen Applications Throughout the Corn Growth Cycle

26 June 2018

It’s no secret that strategic nitrogen applications are critical to the successful growth of corn. But without the proper consideration, ...

Keeping Your Grains Cool in the Spring and Summer

15 June 2018

When marketing your grain, storing it properly is important to help you get the right value for your asset. Spring is here with fluctuat...

University finds connection between defense and development in plant growth

13 June 2018

Discovery of New Corn Mutation and the Implications on Yield

28 November 2017

A recent discovery in a corn hybrid mutation could potentially provide a 50% increase in yield – that is if it can be translated into com...

Seven Factors to Consider for Your Planned Grain Storage Expansion

13 November 2017

Taking on grain storage expansion project can be challenging. Careful planning and consideration are required to ensure that your expans...

Boron on the Farm

20 October 2017

More growers these days are turning to using boron for growth and development of their crops. Boron is an essential plant micronutrient ...

Crop Diversification: Pros & Cons

22 August 2017

Are you thinking of diversifying your crops this year? Here are the pros and cons of diversification in crops..

Factors to Consider before Baling or Burning Wheat Residue

1 August 2017

When wheat harvest finishes up, baling or burning the wheat stubble has been the go-to way for producers to care for their land. Burning...

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