So many precision farming apps and you’re wondering which is right for your operation.   Here is a list of highly popular apps that just might do the data collecting for you and more.  Surprise, they’re also free!


1.  John Deere Connect Mobile app- The John Deere Connect Mobile application helps to monitor, optimize, and better understand machine performance.  The application connects to a machine through WiFi network to document and display a machine’s performance and agronomic data about your operation performed by the machine.  The app works with either the GreenStar™ 3 2630 or Generation 4 4600 CommandCenter™ displays.  The application also wirelessly sends data to John Deere Operations Center, can be used for basic crop scouting activities through the field review feature and the Field review feature provides the grower access to every map layer documented by the app.  Available for iPad.


2.  AkerScout- This directed crop scouting app helps identify and prioritize crop damage to address problem areas that need immediate assistance.  The app can work on standalone mode, but various features are enabled when you load high resolution aerial imagery.  Features include scout task coordination and assignment of multiple fields and scouts.  Available for Android, iPad and iPhone.


3.  Farmobile Notes- Farmers can now send a text or photo image which is time-stamped and tagged with geospatial metadata.  Geotagging allows Farmobile to pinpoint the exact location on the Electronic Field Records (EFR) where the content or photo was recorded.  This content can then be easily viewed on the EFR using the Farmobile Dashboard in-cab with a mobile device, computer or laptop. Available for Android, iPad, and iPhone.


4.  Pocket Drone Control- Easily connects with Morning Farm Report® to supplement traditional crop damage inspections ad assessments by providing a bird’s-eye view of the field.  Cover 80 acres in less than 15 minutes from drone launch to on-screen assessment.  Available for iPad and iPhone.


5.  WineFlight Precision AG- Lets users turn their drone acquired precision agriculture data to lessen loss, optimize resources and improve yields.  The app can tag and prioritize locations for inspection or immediate action.  Draw zones for variable rate cultivation and selective harvesting and compare imagery from the same flight to gain further insight into current conditions.  Those are just a few of the features.  Available for iPad.


6.  AgriXP- Designed by farmers and their crop consultants to track field data.  This web-based app allows farmers, their employees, and crop consultants to view and log all field activities and export the data to Excel, PDF, or CVS for further research.  Crop advisers and agronomists can create only on master account with multiple farms or invite farmers to join.  All of the information stored by AgriXP is confidential, secure, and safe and is only accessible by the user and other approved users such as employees or crop advisers.


7.  FieldAlytics Explorer- This application from EFC Systems increases speed and accuracy of field data collection and soil/tissue sampling process.  By allowing data to synchronize to the FieldAlytics web system wirelessly from the field make job management easier thus eliminating a trip to the office, saving time and allowing jobs to be completed faster and creating better work flow.  Available for iPad.  


8.  XTEND- Using the XTEND technology, you can extend the user in your display to your mobile device’s screen.  Get access to many of the Horizon software features directly on your mobile device, both within and outside the cab of your vehicle.  Perform calibration, diagnostics, tank fill and many other activities anywhere around your machine via the familiar Horizon user interface from you mobile device.  The XTEND app is used with the Horizon XTEND feature on the Topcon in-cab displays.  Available for iPad and iPhone.


9.  Ceres Imaging-To help with water stress, plant nutrient uniformity, pest emergence, and other issues in their fields, farmers are using Ceres Imaging.  Ceres Imaging provides aerial spectral imagery throughout the growing season to observe patterns and trends over time, view you entire farm, or zoom into individual rows and plants.   The imagery can be downloaded to your device.  Available for iPad and iPhone


10.  Taranis- This is web-based app is a frequently used tool to help collect data and integrate pest management in the field.     With the data collection the app can detect problematic hot spots and prioritizes them for further investigation.   The   main payoff for the Taranis app is cost reduction and increased productivity. 


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